Green Building Design (GBD) / Certifications

A Green building design save money, increase comfort and create healthier environments for people to live and work, using improved indoor air quality, natural daylight, and thermal comfort. Building Green is an opportunity to use resources efficiently while creating healthier environment. Green building can also significantly reduce construction and operation costs.

  • ALIF provides complete consultancy to have different green building certifications ratings like USGBC-LEED, Estidama, Trakhees, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) and TECOM, WELL and EDGE etc.
  • ALIF ensures all design parameters meet the requirements of the rating systems. Green Building Certification is the best way to demonstrate SUSTAINABLITY, which indicate that the substantial design efforts and Initiatives have been taken for the project.
  • ALIF guides our clients throughout the Green Certification process. We track the project throughout the certification process, coordinate with certifying authority to achieve a best suitable green rating for the project.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

ALIF provides Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering Design Services for all type of Buildings. We ensure in our design the building systems reliability and cost effectiveness. We support our client during the conceptual and detailed design of all MEP systems for new and modified buildings; as well as supervise the implementation of our designs and carry out acceptance tests upon completion. Mechanical design includes all type of HVAC design, plumbing design for villas, Townhouse, Commercial, retails and high-rise buildings which includes Water supply, Sewer, Irrigation, Rain Water harvesting, Recycling and Recharging Management & Electrical design includes complete building Electrical Power and lighting system design.

Building Energy Analysis (BEA)

The Building Energy Analysis (BEA) is energy simulation techniques are used to evaluate, analyze and validate the introduction of Green Energy efficient building. BEA is a versatile virtual representation tool used in New Buildings design and Retrofit design for Code Compliance, Green Certification, Real-time building Control, Building’s Energy consumption, Utility bills, Lifecycle costs. ALIF uses internationally renowned IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) VE software for Building Energy Analysis. ALIF provides Building Energy Simulation for all type of Buildings. The Building Simulation help project team to decide on design strategies to improve overall energy efficiency, selection of building materials and to reducing the operation cost of the building.

Project Management (The Owner’s Engineer)

Every kind of project comes with many challenges. Apart from making sure that work is on schedule and on budget, project owner’s also need to ensure that the complexity of the project is mastered and the risk in investment reduced. Especially for large projects involving many companies, these tasks can exceed the owner’s capacities. In addition, some projects require specialized personnel, but maintaining highly experienced experts only for a time-limited project phase can be very expensive. Therefore, project owners need a reliable partner to support them in any issue that may arise.

ALIF Approach:

ALIF can work as an independent inspection company to supports project owner with experienced engineers for all aspects of a project – either as a single expert within your team or as a team of experts acting as independent advocates, to ensure a successful project completion.

 Services offered:
  • Help in preparing Owner Project Requirement – during Pre-Design Phase.
  • Checking of Design drawings – during Design stage (All disciplines, i.e Architectural, Electrical, Structural, Communication & Mechanical, HVAC, & Plumbing drawings).
  • Checking of Shop drawings – during construction.
  • Determining Construction checklist – during construction.
  • Determining Operation and Maintenance staff training requirements during construction.

Building Commissioning (Cx)

A quality-based method that is adopted by an Owner to achieve successful construction projects.

Building Commissioning is the professional practice that ensures buildings are delivered according to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). Buildings that are properly commissioned typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance cost. The documentation of the commissioning process provides the foundation for correctly benchmarking the baseline energy consumption of the facility. The Commissioning Process begins at project inception (during the Pre-Design Phase) and continues for the life of the facility (through the Occupancy and Operations Phase). The Commissioning Process includes specific tasks to be conducted during each phase in order to verify that design, construction, and training meet the Owner’s Project Requirements. The Commissioning Process is a quality-based method that is adopted by an Owner to achieve successful construction projects. It is not an additional layer of construction or project management. In fact, its purpose is to reduce the cost of delivering construction projects and increase value to owners, occupants, and users.

Commissioning Goals:

  • Deliver buildings and construction projects that meet the owner’s project requirements.
  • Prevent or eliminate problems inexpensively through proactive quality techniques.
  • Verify systems are installed and working correctly and benchmark that correct operation.
  • Lower overall first costs and life-cycle costs for the owner.
  • Provide documentation and records on the design, construction, and testing to facilitate operation and maintenance of the facility.
  • implement trend logs, automated and semi-automated Cx tools to enable O&M staff ongoing Cx.
  • Maintain facility performance for the building’s entire life cycle.
  • Alif provides commissioning Engineers/Managers for building commissioning services as per ASHRAE Standard. We help Owner to ensure the project meet Owners Project Requirements.

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

Retro-Commissioning, Re-Commissioning or Ongoing commissioning

Existing Building Commissioning is a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems through the identification and implementation of low/no cost and capital-intensive Facility Improvement Measures and ensuring their continued performance. The Existing Building Commissioning process assists in making the building systems perform interactively to meet the Current Facility Requirements and provides the tools to support the continuous improvement of system performance.